Whis Power Level Explained – How Strong Is Whis?

Whis is undoubtedly the most potent character Goku has ever faced off against. But are you also curious if he actually is the best warrior in the Dragon Ball realm or maybe wondering how strong is Whis? Here is all we know. 

When it was discovered that Whis trained Beerus, he talked a lot about his physical ability. 

Whis, according to the God of Destruction, is far more powerful than he is. This disclosure unequivocally demonstrated that Universe 7’s Angel is a force to be dealt with, a figure that Goku and Vegeta might never be able to keep up to in the anime. Continue reading to grasp everything there is to know about Whis power level and know how strong is Whis? 

Who is Whis?

How Strong is Whis
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The younger brother of Vados, who also happens to work with Beerus’ brother Champa, Whis is the companion and martial arts instructor to the God of Destruction of the Seventh Universe. 

He is often quiet, distant, and tranquil but may occasionally be forgetful and feminine. He is odd, and his priorities can appear incredibly unimportant.

Like Beerus, he has a food preoccupation, is excessively enthusiastic about new cuisines and behaves in an undignified manner when doing so, and is easily influenced by delicacies.

Speaking of looks, Whis is a tall, lean humanoid with a sky blue complexion, white hair, purple eyes, and somewhat feminine features. He frequently holds a long scepter with a jewel floating above it in his right hand.

Whis Power Levels Explained

How Strong is Whis
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Whis is sometimes called the strongest warrior in the Dragon Ball world. However, it’s debatable whether he merits that distinction. He’s not the only person in the Dragon Ball universe with a godly power level, after all. 

Whis’ power has grown to the point where it is almost on par with Shido’s in his Super Saiyan 5 form while he is in his Ultra Instincts condition. Although his superiority over Broly and Beerus demonstrates that he is the most vital being in Universe 7, this does not imply that he is superior to everyone else in the Dragon Ball world.

There is at least one other figure, besides Zeno, that is confirmed to be more potent than Whis. In a Dragon Ball Super episode, he informed Goku that the Grand Priest, the father of all 12 known Angels, is more powerful than him. Whis admonished Goku forcefully not to challenge the Grand Priest despite Goku’s intense desire to witness the Grand Priest in action.

How Strong Is Whis?

How Strong is Whis
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Whis’s power skyrocketed to the point where he is on par with a Super Saiyan 5. Whis is now at the peak of his powers. He currently has a power level of around 61,875,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Whis can reportedly traverse through nebulas and vast areas of the cosmos with ease because he is the Seventh Universe’s quickest entity. He demonstrates incredible fortitude by tanking Super Saiyan God Shido’s Kamehameha and surviving the onslaught uninjured. 

While weak users are constrained to what is previously accepted as true or false, more robust users can generate changes from nothing. He can also build, shape, and alter reality by thinking about it. Whis may control many worlds from the Seventh Universe using this ability.

Whis’ actions are entirely automated. His appearance does not change because it is a permanent condition for him rather than a transition, similar to the original Ultra Instinct form. 

Whis’s power rises to a level where it may be compared to a True Ultra Instinct. Whis is vastly superior to Golcova in this form compared to the Ultimate Vampyre: Ultra Instinct form. Whis is that Dragon Ball fighter that might never drop a match on tv.

Will We Ever See Whis Full Power?

How Strong is Whis
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The most straightforward response would likely be “no.” But pertaining to a few predictions, it can only occur under two circumstances. First, if Zeno decides to hold a competition between all the Angels for amusement after getting the idea from Goku, Whis may be compelled to go all out. 

However, we doubt they will be able to build a stadium that can withstand the power of the angels without being destroyed.

The second scenario, which is extremely unlikely to occur, is that a supervillain intending to destroy Zeno should manifest. Whis is permitted to intervene in Zeno’s affairs, so if this villain is more vital than all the Gods of Destruction and MUI Goku, none of them will be able to stop him. As a result, Whis will believe that his only remaining option is to engage in combat.

However, these are just assumptions, and we don’t know what the future of Dragon Ball holds for its viewers.

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Whis vs Beerus – Who Will Win? 

How Strong is Whis
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Power and responsiblities are kept in balance by the destructive God Beerus, while Whis, on the other hand, is an angel who watches over the God of devastation. 

Beerus VS Whis is a highly intriguing and complicated topic that deserves thorough consideration. Do you remember Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama once said, if Beerus were a 10 in terms of power, Whis would be a fifteen.

The angelic aide of Beerus, the God of Destruction in Universe 7, Whis, is unquestionably the strongest person in Universe 7 and is far stronger than Beerus, despite being one of the Angels.

Without a doubt, Whis could defeat Beerus in a strength battle as he possesses incredible power and Autonomous Ultra Instinct due to his status as an angel.

Although Beerus is a formidable opponent, his trainer is unquestionably on an even playing field. As shown in Dragon Ball Super, brief training sessions between the two services firmly establish their equality.

Top 10 facts you don’t know about Dragon Ball Super Whis

How Strong is Whis
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  • According to Dragon Ball Super, Whis has been around for over 75 million years.
  • Like all the other Angels we’ve met in the franchise so far, Whis is a member of the Angel race and is thus a Grand Priest’s offspring. He has at least twelve siblings. However, the precise number is unknown at this time.
  • Akira Toriyama was the one who named Whis, whereas Battle of the Gods screenplay writer Yusuke Watanabe gave the name of Beerus. Toriyama named Whis after “whiskey” even though he thought Beerus should have been called after “beer.”
  • Like most gods and bosses in Dragon Ball Super, Whis possesses a distinctive branding mark that both Goku and Vegeta wear.
  • Whis does have his fears, one of which is the Omni King.
  • Vados, the older sister of Whis, is the angel of Champa, the God of Destruction from Universe 6. Vados also says that she is more robust than Whis.
  • The Supreme Kai of Time and Whis are the only two known entities with the capacity to alter or destroy real-world events ostensibly.
  • The first to guarantee in Dragon Ball Super was Burter of the Ginyu Force, followed by Whis, the quickest man alive. This assertion is probably true for Whis’ circumstances.
  • Whis is the character in Dragon Bal Super who can manipulate time and travel across it. But when he realized that Hit could control time, he showed a hint of surprise.
  • Like Roshi, Whis has mentored Goku, assisting him in developing his strength to the point where he can take on and beat even more formidable opponents.


We initially mistook Whis for Beerus’ servant when we first met him in the Dragon Ball Super movie. 

Still, right after the Dragon Ball Super tv show had aired, we eventually learned that Whis was Beerus’ instructor and master rather than his servant. 

There is no debate that very few characters in Dragon Ball Super can confront Whis. Fans may undoubtedly agree that Whis is not on the same level as everyone else in the franchise, and except for his father, the Grand Priest, there is no other living person who is as strong as Whis or on a par with him.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How powerful is Grand Priest? 

Grand Priest’s physique can instantly respond to any assault or threat without him having to recognize it. Not just for defence, his incredible reflexes can be used both offensively and defensively. In this form, he has a power level of almost 940,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Whis or Zeno, who is more powerful?

No one is superior to him in the order of the gods, “Whis spoke before Beerus added his voice in a statement. “Goku, Grand Zeno is not a warrior. But he is, without a doubt, the most powerful.

What is Zeno’s authentic form?

Zeno is capable of achieving true omnipotence when employing his absolute power. Being all-powerful in every way is possible for Zeno since he is the Omni-King of the First Multiverse. Being one of the most powerful Gods, Zeno can do everything without restrictions or limitations

Vados or Whis, who is stronger?

Vados is stronger than Champa in Universe 6 and superior to Whis in the martial arts, much as Whis is to Beerus. Whis disagrees, stating it has been a millennium since she previously trained him, despite Vados’ assertion that she is “a little bit stronger” than him.

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