Madara VS Goku: Can Madara Beat Goku?

Dragon Ball Z and Naruto Shippuden are the two most trending anime shows as of now. Both of these anime shows are based on combative action thrillers with an engaging backstory. 

On one hand, we have the Saiyan Goku who is the strongest in 13 multiverses, and on another hand, we have Madara Uchiha who is one of the most powerful shinobis in history of Naruto and is known as the “God of Shinobi”.

For the longest time, the fans of both anime shows have wondered about how comparable the powers of these two characters are – and whether in a Madara VS Goku combat, Madara can beat Goku or not. 

Madara being the God of Shinobis and Goku being the Super Saiyan God, a Madara VS Goku fight will be pretty fair – but who will win?

Read our article where we discuss in detail the powers of Madara and Goku and who will win in a Madara VS Goku battle. 

Madara’s Powers Explained

Madara vs Goku

Madara Uchiha is a powerful martial artist, much like Goku from Dragon Ball Z. 

But that’s not everything that he is extremely powerful with – as he’s skilled in many ways which makes him shockingly stronger. 

This is why before we begin with the discussion of Madara vs Goku Battle, in this segment we will talk about Madara Uchiha and his abilities. 

Along with being a master martial artist and being impressively skilled in using weapons, Madara has a stunning list of other powers that are mentioned in this segment.

Madara vs Goku

  • Impressive Physique

Madara Uchiha has great physical strength, so much that he is able to just send his opponents flying with a single kick. 

His physical strength and endurance are also very impressive, as he can fight all day and night and still take a long while to get exhausted. 

  • His Chakra

Much like every other Naruto warrior, Madara possesses a Chakra, which essentially means “a spiritual energy found within living objects.”

However, Madara is very different from other characters of Naruto as he was born with an extremely powerful chakra, even more powerful than the Uchiha standards, even Kurama noted him for his massive chakra. 

His chakra makes him super strong and enables him to do many things that work to his advantage in a battle, such as sensing other users’ chakra and evaluating opponents in a battle.

Madara can also rain fireballs and perform Great Fire Destruction and Great Fire Annihilation which is powerful enough to give Goku a hard time in a Madara VS Goku battle.

Madara vs Goku

  • Wood Cloning

Madara can perform one technique that enables him to create multiple wooden clones of himself.

By using this technique, he can fool his enemy and can absorb information from the wooden clone by just touching it. 

Wooden clones are way more durable and useful than shadow clones as they can merge with trees and bushes and travel greater distances from the user while still being connected to the user. 

  • Wood Dragon Technique

This is where many Naruto fans started relating Naruto with the Dragon Ball anime. Much like how in Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Balls are used to unleash massive dragons, in Naruto, Madara can create massive wooden dragons which he can use to destroy anything that is smaller than the dragons and also absorb the chakra from their opponents, essentially leaving them powerless.

Madara vs Goku

  • Rinnegan and the Six Paths Technique

After Madara implanted Hashirama’s flesh in his body, he gained access to a new pair of eyes known as the “Rinnegan” which is the natural progression of the Sharingan. 

This new pair of eyes enable him to perform the Six Paths Technique, which are: Deva Path, Asura Path, Human Path, Animal Path, Preta Path, and Naraka Path. 

  • High Intelligence

Along with all these powers, Madara is an extremely intelligent fighter. 

He is able to understand his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and his high intellect helps him understand his opponent better so he can strategically use his powers. 

Goku’s Powers Explained

Madara vs Goku

The main protagonist and the strongest known character in the Dragon Ball franchise, Goku is known for his immense powers and his massive accomplishments as a fighter. 

His physical strength and his ability to train and fight under really stressful and harsh environments have made him the strongest Super Saiyan in the 13 multiverses. Here is a brief explanation of Goku’s Powers and abilities.

Goku has possessed great physical strength since his childhood days. 

Even when he was a mere infant training under his adoptive grandfather, he could drag massive rocks that were tied to him while pursuing food. 

Goku’s powers and abilities are mostly due to his tireless training and his physical endurance. A true warrior, Goku has been proved to be the strongest and the fittest fighter in Universe 7 and is almost invincible. 

Goku has great potential and his drive to become more powerful has made him reach the domain of the powers of the God of Destruction.

Along with being physically invincible, Goku also has the mentality of a great warrior who can do anything to protect the Earth, thus making him absolutely unbeatable to his enemies when he is at his peak.

Goku has not always been the strongest Super Saiyan in his universe, but he has fought many enemies who were multiple times stronger than Goku himself. Goku even lost his life multiple times throughout the whole timeline of the Dragon Ball series. 

However, every time he walked out of the scene, he got an opportunity to train in the “Other World” where he trained his powers under hundreds and thousands of times the gravity of the earth and gradually became so strong that even enemies from different multiverses became inferior to him. 

His current Super Saiyan form has a power level of a whopping 160,000,000 – making him the most powerful fighter in the whole 13 multiverses.

Even though Goku alone is enough to give an opponent the hardest time of their lives, he can also merge with Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince, and become entirely invincible. 

This merging is known as Fusion, and the fusion form of Goku and Vegeta in their Mastered Ultra Instinct form has the astonishing power level of three hundred undecillion – reaching an astronomical amount of power. 

Clearly, in a Madara VS Goku combat, Goku’s out-of-the-world strength will even give the God Of Shinobi the hardest time ever. 

But can Madara Beat Goku? Who will actually win in a battle of Madara vs Goku?

Madara VS Goku- Who Will Win?

Madara VS Goku

Being from two completely different universes, Madara Uchiha and Son Goku are immensely powerful but in two very different ways. 

Madara is known mostly for his ability to absorb his opponent’s Chakra, which essentially means that the other opponent would not be able to use their powers anymore. 

However, in the case of Goku, his powers come from within – as in he has nothing that could possibly be taken out of him like a Chakra. So essentially, Madara would not be able to make Goku powerless. 

Considering the world of Naruto, Goku would be seen as a God in the Naruto universe because of multiple obvious reasons. 

Goku’s powers exceed universal levels, so much so that he is the most powerful and fitting fighter in thirteen multiverses. 

So in short, in a Madara VS Goku battle, Goku will undoubtedly win. 

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Can Madara Beat Goku?

Madara vs Goku

Many fans of both the shows will agree that the battle of Madara vs Goku will be one-sided, as Goku is more overpowered than any Naruto character. 

Madara may be one really strong individual in the Naruto universe, but he would not even be able to get into Goku’s skin since he cannot make the Saiyan powerless.

One may argue that Madara has Genjitsu which makes him able to absorb the chakra of his opponent. 

However, Goku does not have a chakra, he has Ki. And even though Ki and Chakra are similar in some ways, they’re both entirely different powers and they work very differently- so naturally, Madara cannot absorb Goku’s Ki with his Genjitsu.

Madara vs Goku 

It is also noticeable that Goku is able to move at 1000x-2000x the speed of light- making it impossible for Madara to even navigate Goku in a battle, and Madara would be defeated in no time as he would not even realize what hit him. 

Along with all of this, Goku is literally on the level of Gods even in the Dragon Ball universe, and he’s able to destroy even planets.

The gap between Goku and Madara’s abilities is so enormous that one might even say that a Madara VS Goku battle might not even be fair at all. 

So the answer to whether Madara can beat Goku is a definite no. 

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Madara VS Goku is a burning topic in the anime world. However, comparing the powers and abilities of the two super-strong fighters, it seems that even if there was a universe where Goku and Madara would be in a battle against each other, there would be no chance for Madara to win over Goku. 

But what are your opinions on this? Do you think there is something that makes Madara stronger than Goku? 

Don’t forget to let us know about your theories about Madara VS Goku in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the six paths of Madara?

Madara’s six path technique includes Deva Path, Asura Path, Human Path, Animal Path, Preta path, and Naraka Path.

Can Goku destroy a universe?

The Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Goku is powerful enough to destroy an entire universe. 

Can Naruto Beat Goku?

When Naruto enters his sage mode, he can defeat Goku. Though he will put up an extremely difficult fight, Naruto will overshadow him… 

Who is the God of Shinobi?

Madara Uchiha is known as the God of Shinobi.

Why can’t Goku be defeated by Genjitsu?

Genjitsu can only be used against someone who possesses a chakra. Since Goku does not possess a chakra, Genjitsu cannot work on him.

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