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If you are a Dragon Ball fan, we know it’s the golden day for you. With every new series and movie branching out from the franchise, we know you are getting reasons to celebrate. It seems the franchise is slowly and steadily showering the most auspicious elements of entertainment on the fans. 

Finally, after a long, long wait, Gohan has also got his new form and we can’t deny that Gohan’s new form has stormed the Internet. Though the franchise is trying its best to satisfy the burning desires of the fans to see various shades of their favorite Dragon Ball characters and arcs, there is much it did not address. 

With the news of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 coming out, the fans are curious to know its plot. Well, as per the latest updates, the new episodes will align with the official manga and will kick start the Moro arc. 

Though it will be exciting to see the entry of a mighty baddie like Moro, the Planet Eater, the main franchise is missing out on a big opportunity. An opportunity to drive the fans crazy!! 

The climax of Dragon Ball Super season 1 has left the burning question of what happens after Android 17’s wish to restore all the planets. All planets? Are you serious? Well, that means planet Zero must be back. 

Planet Zero, the most powerful planet’s return, will be a storm in the world of Dragon Ball. But why is there so much hype around this planet? Well, the main series fails to address the existence and vitality of Planet Zero. However, as we know, Dragon Ball has a huge and loyal fanbase, who are just awesome. 

So, one of the biggest fan-made works has branched out of the crowd, titled Dragon Ball Kakumei, a creation of the fans that elaborates the consequences of Android 17’s wish. Loaded with fun, action, and jaw-dropping entertainment, it’s complete fan service. 

We know the name itself has ignited excitement among Dragon Ball lovers. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the world of Dragon Ball Kakumei and explore some sensational chapters of the fan-made manga… 

Dragon Ball Super Kakumei 

Dragon Ball Kakumei
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Well, we know Dragon Ball Super Season 1 appears to be a happy ending for all the universes with Android 17’s wish to restore all universes coming to reality. However, like every other series that leaves cliffhangers at the end, Dragon Ball Super is no exception. It has left a bunch of questions like – Have Goku mastered Ultra Instinct? Will we see a rematch between Beerus vs Goku? Will Dragon Ball ever address the history and potential of the Angels? So on…. 

To be very frank, the answer to the first two questions may be clear with the latest Dragon Ball arcs popping out. However, the consequence of Android 17’s wish is something the fans are craving to know about. 

If you are a true Dragon Ball fan, a question may be looming around your mind – Will Universe Zero return with Android 17’s wish? Well, it’s sad that neither the official manga nor anime will be addressing the matter, but there is a hope of light. If you have heard about Dragon Ball Kakumei, you know it brings the aftermath of Android 17’s wish. But, if you are a new Dragon Ball fan, who is obsessed with Dragon Ball Super Season 1 and wants to know what happens as a result of Android 17’s wish, scroll down to get hands-on the exclusive Dragon Ball Kakumei chapters. 

Read Dragon Ball Kakumei All Chapters 

Before we dive into the Dragon Ball Kakumei chapters, let’s get a glimpse of how important it is and is it official or not? So, Dragon Ball Kakumei is a complete fan treat. It neither comes from the box of Akira Toriyama nor the Toei Animations, which makes it unofficial. 

However, it is a doujinshi, a non-canon adventurous journey woven by Dragon Ball fans. The story elaborates on the true faces of the Gods and the potential of the Angels, while it also addresses the existence and power of Universe Zero. So, without any further ado, let’s jump into the super-awesome chapters of Dragon Ball Kakumei, a journey that makes the world of Dragon Ball, even spicier… 

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Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 1 

Dragon Ball Kakumei
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Dragon Ball Kakumei chapter 1 begins with Caulifa mourning in front of Lord Champa, with the request to teach her a new technique that will push her limits. As she tries to convince Champa, they sense some sudden ignition of insane powers. With a blink, Lord Champa senses that the Strongest Saiyan in Universe 7, Goku, is the creator of these powerful waves. 

The chapter then switches to a conversation between Belmod and Toppo. However, they too, feel the immense power waves popping out from somewhere. While the duo was wondering what was really happening, Marcarita, the Universe 11 Angel, announces that it’s because of the collision of the Goliaths. 

The strongest Saiyan in Dragon Ball Universe, Goku is up against the strongest God of Destruction, Beerus. So, their royal clash has ignited those power waves and terrible shakes across all universes. 

Next, the chapter jumps to showcase the shivering situation of Universe 7. Dark storms have surrounded Earth and the buildings are colliding like a deck of cards. Here we witness Krillin sensing the danger and trying to rescue the civilians. 

So, what’s the reason for all this mess? Ya we agree, that last time when we saw Goku vs Beerus, it was really devastating, but it seems this time it’s 10x. But why? Well, the reason is crystal clear. Goku is now 10x more powerful than last time and this has compelled Beerus to push his limits too. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei
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While Goku has mastered Ultra Instinct or rather something more than that, Dragon Ball Kakumei chapter 1, for the first time ever, reveals a glimpse of Beerus’ true potential. We witness the mad-man look of Beerus. However, Goku is no less. It turns out to be complete mad combat with veins popping out of Goku’s body and his power levels fluctuating. 

As the battle gets heated up, it’s resulting in complete destruction. The surrounding planets were turning to dust and the exchange of thousands of Ki blasts was shaking the entire universe. 

Though Goku pulls out his maximum powers at that moment, Beerus manages to land multiple blows on him and ends up grabbing his face. Beerus’ exposure to his true abilities is proof of how serious he is about Goku. While the God of Destruction is ready to finish things off, Goku manages to escape the place. 

With multiple warnings coming from Beerus, it seems Goku is slowly pushing himself out of the battle. He teleports to a new planet in his attempt to escape. However, Beerus is Beerus. No one can escape from his clutches. The God of Destruction manages to get hold of Goku and he throws him to a new, strange planet, named Tako-Tako. 

The oh-so-powerful slam of Beerus has knocked Goku down to his feet and it seems to be the end of a fight as the God of Destruction prepares his final attack to eliminate both the Tako-Tako planet and Goku. However, we know Goku can push his limits to any extent to save innocents. So, the mighty Saiyan plans to deviate Beerus’ attack. But, in between, Goku finds a child and we all know what’s coming next. In an attempt to save the child, Goku exposes his back to Beerus’ incredible attack, meanwhile absorbing terrible physical damage. 

The attack rips off Goku’s back, exposing his inner body muscles. A terrible sight, right? So, is this the end of the fight? Definitely not!! 

Dragon Ball Kakumei
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In return, this ignites a new never-before-seen form of Goku. With a ripped back and muscle fibers visible for the first time ever, we witness Goku’s transformation into Ultra Instinct Omen form. While the Saiyan unleashes his new strength, he immediately takes Beerus away from Tako-Tako, to save the civilians. 

Suddenly, Goku unwraps his new and more powerful form and unleashes a super-devastating attack on Beerus, the Dragon fist… The attack eats up planets and rushes towards the God of Destruction to end the battle. 

Meanwhile, Whis walks into the scene and starts observing the fight. While Goku delivers his ultimate attack, a sudden paw strike on the Saiyan’s shoulder ends the battle. It’s Lord Beerus at his best. Actually, Beerus combined his God of Destruction powers and the insane Ultra Instinct abilities. He also reveals that it was after years or rather decades, that he used these two powers together. Whis also appreciates Goku as he has come a long way. 

Dragon Ball Kakumei Chapter 2

Stay tuned as we will update this chapter soon!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will Dragon Ball Kakumei new chapter release?

Dragon Ball Kakumei is officially canceled!! However, there are a bunch of fan theories revolving around it. Make sure to stay tuned as we will try to cover each and every aspect of the fan-made manga. 

Where to read Dragon Ball Kakumei?

You can read a detailed summary of all the Dragon Ball Kakumei chapters in this article… We will update the article regularly with the latest chapters. 

Is there any Dragon Ball Kakumei movie?

As of now, Dragon Ball Kakumei is only a fan-made manga. But the fans are eager to see anime depictions of the manga. 

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