7 Crazy Dragon Ball Fusions Fans Want!! Last One Will Blow Your Mind!!

Bulla & Pan (Bullan) Imagine how adorable and powerful will be the fusion of Vegeta & Bulma's both daughter

Majin Buu & Perfect Cell (Perfect Buu) Majin Buu and Perfect Cell's combination will be deadly af!!

Master Roshi & Goku (Roku) Though not the strongest, it will be insane to watch a Dragon Ball fusion of Goku and his old master

Jiren & Frieza (Friezen) It will be a true combination of power and wickedness

Piccolo & Gohan (Picchan) Again another combination of master and student will be insane to watch

Goku & Broly (Broku) We want this badly!! The unstoppable fusion of Legandary Saiyan and Kakarot

Beerus & Whis (Breeris) Maybe the most powerful force in the multiverse.